The Mau-Top 10 of the most influential people on Social Media in Mauritius

Now it’s time to take a look into the world of social media – the who’s who of people you have probably seen around the social media-sphere a time or two while demonstrating their expertise in a variety of fields and others who you might just be hearing about for the first time. I waited for the General Elections to be over so that I can comment on it.

By the way, I’m willing to bet that you probably know enough about their social media platform. Don’t believe me? Leggo:

10. Akash Callikhan 
Known by a lot of people for being behind the page ‘Le Matinal’ prior to some unexpected incidents, Akash is one of the most influential people in the arena. We say ‘He has a pulling power’ and knows how to reply to people whenever, wherever an whatever seems him! His sharp, intelligent response to situations always favor him and forges a stronger personality. Sources say that besides the social media platform, he also likes good times among friends and sipping some good champagne.


9. Om Lombard
We all want to know how old he is? We can surely give him the award of the most mature male model in the country. Om has shown to the Mauritians that he has a golden heart as beautiful as his face! He expresses himself in the most dignified manner. His attachment to a lot of NGOs makes him one genuine character. Besides that, we hear he enjoys Indian Movies and is a very religious person.


8. Nalini Aubeeluck
Shall we stop to present this beauty to you? Nalini has been in the glam arena since 10 years. Starting off as a dancer in the Xindix night club (during a show for the MBC), Nalini has come a long way. She is highly respected for her contribution to arts and culture. Is she the first person to start a reality show in Mauritius? If yes, then in recognition, we admit she is the pillar of the upcoming trend in Mauritius.


7. Dikshit Pothanah (Diksh Potter)
He should have been appointed permanently at the MTC or is he? Diksh is one or if not THE most followed person on Facebook. We cannot say the same for twitter and all. Diksh is not only a talented photograph but a down-to-earth person when it comes to speaking to the people who are next to him. He is known for his comical updates about his love for the country or sarcastic comments about different situations. With the horseracing season which is off for the moment, we shall hear from him more often.


6. Laetitia Darche-Sauzier
Known to be the most beautiful Miss Mauritius of all time, Laetitia has a huge number of followers on social media. With her beautiful face and bubbly personality, she catches attention easily. As if Social Media was not enough, she can be seen on posters, billboards and adverts. She seems to be quite a reserved person but when she voices out, she says everything very tactfully, that you cannot really know what she seems to mean.

5. Javed Vayid
If we had an award night, he would have been the most handsome Mauritian man. Success and Fame, personified.. Javed happens to have one motto in life. ‘Live your life like it is the most beautiful gift!’.. We haven’t spoken to him yet but it seems that Javed is on a roll. His efforts to put Mauritius higher as far as clubbing, events and entertainment is concerned. As it is, we can say he does have a pulling power.


4. Sachin Sagar
One profile was not enough. He jumped on the second one. One of the most reputed Fashion Photographers in the country- Sachin gets the right to be in the list, despite not being Mauritian.. He is everywhere together with his works which happen to be the most perfect and sculpted artistry. Each one of his canvas(picture) has been painted by one finger click on the ‘click’ button of his camera. Starting from Mrs Mauritius to Miss Mauritius and Miss Supranational Mauritius, Sachin has covered all the leading fashion magazines in the country. Inspirational for youngsters?


3. David Stafford
Someone who is not scared to say out loud what he thinks about the fashion business in Mauritius – We can call him the Simon Cowell of X-Factor. He is not only among the most reputed Fashionista of the island but works with the best around. He is behind most fashion shows that are being held across the country if not all. David is known to be unbiased when it comes to putting down or up a product or an individual. Sources say, he only wear brands. Style much?

2. Ameeksha Dilchand
The most followed female personality on Mauritian social media happens to be a former Miss Mauritius and the director of Miss Supranational Mauritius. She is also known to have a very strong pulling power in the arena. It goes without mentioning that she can be called ‘L’enfant terrible des Miss Mauritius’. She is surely remembered for being the most intelligent and outspoken beauty queen this country has known. She takes keen interest in all social issues and is always seen out and about helping people, with her pre-election day video which went viral overnight. Comments on her say she is a real Miss Mauritius – for that we need their version of the ‘why’.

1. Krishna Athal
No ones beats this young, classy gentleman, who leads the Mauritian Social Network. We quote the below:

”Krishna Athal has received various leadership initiative awards from national and international bodies. Former chairman of the National Youth Council of Mauritius, he authored the ‘Ramrajya: An Enigmatic Leader’s Rise to Power’ book. A passionate of politics and transformational leadership, he is currently an executive member of the MSM party.”

With over 20,000 profile followers (we do not count buying votes via fan pages that is why others are not in the list) and over 200,000 followers on twitter, Krishna is exemplary in the way he addresses to people. He is a sharp, witty, young man with a non-matchable pulling power of the people around him. Do we see a future politician? Sources say, YES!


Yes, we haven’t included people who pay to buy likes on their pages and who constantly beg to like their pictures. This is our view from Mauridesk. Do let us know about your feelings? We are bored and need a life, so let us know.


10 thoughts on “The Mau-Top 10 of the most influential people on Social Media in Mauritius

  1. These people are not just media people or popular, by putting up post or pics
    They are deeply anchored Mauritian (even if some were not born here) the promote out culture with their heart …
    They have worked hard to be what they are
    so hats off to them
    thats y people follow them and the young mauritian generation needs people like these

    Liked by 2 people

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